Featuring Hot Stone Facials & Body Wraps

Preview the videos below to sample a portion of Natalie Law’s Spa Training Video Series. Look for a continuation of this series in the near future

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Hot Stone Training $50.00

The core results of the Hot Stone Facial is true relaxation while melting away tension and erasing fatigue from your client’s overworked and weary body.


The DVD will walk the esthetician through each step of a hot stone facial including:

  • the benefits of stones and how they affect the client
  • equipment needed to do a proper stone facial
  • client preparation


The explicit, step-by-step video will guide you on how to execute a hot stone facial including:

  • stones to be used for different areas of the face
  • how movements are performed
  • massage techniques
  • helpful hints that will make your facial a success every time

Finally, the DVD will show proper techniques for cleansing stones at the end of every facial.


* If prefer a hard, DVD, copy of the video; please contract Natalie Law, at 740.404.4411, to place order.

Introduction to Body Wraps $80.00

This DVD will guide you step-by-step on how to perform 3 unique and different Body Wraps designed to exfoliate, detoxify and relax through aromatherapy oils. Body Wraps are a great service to offer your clients due to the many benefits they supply including:

  • improve your client’s skin color and texture
  • increase blood circulation, eliminate toxins and relax the mind & body for a totally unique spa experience


First, the video will start with the EXFOLIATING Body Wrap which is good for client’s dry, rough skin that is not only in need of exfoliation but also will be left smooth, hydrated and nourished skin.

Next, we will perform a DETOXIFYING Body Wrap for client’s who are in need of deep relaxation and who suffer from such symptoms as stress or joint pain due to such conditions as arthritis or rheumatism. This Wrap will heat the muscles and help flush out toxins and therefore help to reduce chronic pain.

Lastly, we will perform an AROMATHERAPY Body Wrap designed to relax, calm and balance the system while lubricating the skin.


* If prefer a hard, DVD, copy of the video; please contract Natalie Law, at 740.404.4411, to place order.